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Replaced fuel pump and still won’t start

I have a 1992 Lexus SC 400 it stopped working one day it would crank but it sounded like it wasnt getting no gas so I came to the conclusion that it was the fuel pump I replaced a the fuel pump and the screen that goes on the fuel pump and I got it to start after replacing the fuel pump and thought I was out of the woods then I’m going to drive it after turning it off after a while and it wouldn’t turn on so I read online to pull the main fuel pump relay so I did put it back in and it started well I drove it and then when I went to drive it again to turn it back on I had to do the same thing with the relay so I continued to do that acouple more times and went toDrive it the next time I drove it and it wouldn’t start I went and bought new relays and still it’s not working at all now it sounds like it is not turning on the feel pump because you can’t hear it when I turn the car on at all now. Help please any ideas on what else I could check? Thanks

Well, if you had checked with a voltmeter or test light to see if you were getting power to the pump, you probably would not have replaced it.Check power to the pump. Check and see if you have power tp the relay, if you do, is power coming out of the other side of the relay. Trace the wire from the relay to the pump. What feeds power to the relay, is it direct from battery triggered by the ignition switch?

To paraphrase on old carpenter’s ru;e, think twice, replace once.

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Could be a bad connection or a fuse. An electrical test of the fuel pump power delivery system is warranted.