Replaced a 2003 Toyota Camry XLE 4 cyl front brake pads and rotors

Question I used new Toyota factory parts and when I looked at the rotors they looked clean. After the install I was watching something on YouTube and the instructions said you should first clean the rotors with brake cleaner. I have already used the brakes for 20 miles or so. They work fine. Should I pull the tires and take off the pads and clean the rotors? Are my pads going to ware out or be ruined? I was hoping the heat and friction would burn any oil away. I did not notice any oil on the rotors.

Thanks if you have any advice.

As far as I know depending on the brake cleaner you should have no worries. 1 guy I know prefers it to starting fluid because it smells better.

Was there a coating on the factory rotors you used? The reason for the brake cleaner is to clean off an anti-rust coating of grease or oil used to keep the rotors looking fresh while being shipped and stored.

Since you put 20 miles on the brakes and rotors, it’s too late to go back to this step now. Any coating probably has burned off by now. It should not affect the brakes or their life span. If the brakes feel OK, they will be fine.

If you did not get your hands greasy it is unlikely that you transferred any oil or grease to the discs. Since you have used the brakes already, any contamination will have been transfered to the pads. If you are getting good braking action and there is no pulling to one side, you are probably okey. If you wanted to pull the brakes apart again to clean the discs also clean the pads. You will have to remove the inside pads anyway to get to the inside disc surface.

Hope that helps.