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Brake rotor oil

My dad and I decided to change the front brake pads and rotors on my wife’s '05 Town and Country. After we were done I took it for a test drive and the brakes seem to work fine, at least for in town driving, but there was a smell coming from the wheels. After some research, I discocered we should have cleaned off the shipping oil on the rotors. Will this oil simply burn off or have we created a bigger problem?


Remove the wheels to expose the brakes and blast them clean with an aerosol break parts cleaner. When the coating isn’t removed from the rotors, it can get impinged into the brake pads causing unwanted brake noise.


You might also remove the brake pads and clean the residue off them with some 150 grit sandpaper on a flat surface…Just a little extra insurance…

I’m suprized the front brakes worked at all being lubed like that. They bear most of the stopping load, I think. I once had an 89 Cavalier that never seemed to have any wear on the rear brakes (shoes)