2008 Honda Odyssey

Over the past 30 years I have been the happy owner of 4 Hondas. At 100k miles the dealer service always recommends changing the timing belt which I have always done. My wife’s 2008 Odessey has only 52k miles and at the last oil change the dealer said the timing belt needs changed because the car is over 7 years old. Previously this has always been a 100k recommendation. About $1300 is the estimate for the job. What’s your opinion on an old but not used much timing belt?


Well, if you look in your manual the timing belt change will be by miles or time . Something like 90000 miles or 7 years.

Here’s the way I look at that subject: If you have the vehicle and you like it, and plan to keep it for a while, doesn’t it make sense to do that timing belt when you first feel the itch? Does it change the cost of ownership if you wait a year and then do it? No. Does it change the cost of ownership if you wait one minute too long and have not changed it before it breaks? You betcha. Like Volvo_V70 says above, I would do it based on the manual’s recommendations, and I think you will find the manual has a time change interval in addition to the mileage interval. More here if interested. If that vehicle has a valve adjustment recommendation I’d do that too.

Timing belts are made of RUBBER and deteriorate with age. Therefore Honda has a time as well as a mileage interval for changing it.

The Gates catalogue has a time (6 years or so) and mileage (60,000 miles) on their belt rating.

I have no idea where you live… but I’ve had that job done on the same vehicle for around $600.

You might shop around for a better price.

Replacing the timing belt at the 7 year mark, even with only 50K miles, is correct. The price quoted seems a little high, but I’ve no experience with replacing timing belts on an Odyssey either . When I did it on my Corolla I think it took me about 4 hours plus the cost of the belt, so I’d be surprised if I had a pay a shop more than around $500-$600 for that job.

Edit: I looked it up for the Odyssey, and it’s about the same number of hours as the Corolla. Perhaps they are doing more than just replacing the timing belt. Maybe they are replacing the water pump , tensioner, and all the affected seals too. Maybe other stuff too.

I had the timing belt replaced on my wife’s 06 Sienna in 2014 at only 60k miles. I paid 1100 at an independent garage, The repair included the timing belt, water pump, tensioner, and 2 accessory drive belts plus coolant, gaskets, etc. It would have been 200 more if the cam seals had needed replacing. If you are getting all this done, 1300 at a dealer isn’t too unreasonable. Your wife’s van is 10 years old so it is 3 years past due for a timing belt.

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