2010 Honda Odyssey timing belt interval

My 2010 Honda Odyssey has 76,000 miles with regular maintenance. When should I replace the timing belt?

That will be in the maintenance section of your owners manual . It will be by miles driven or age of vehicle in years.

the owners manual says 60,000 miles, but that seems short to me.

Did you look up the serpentine belt instead of the timing belt ? I actually think you have a timing chain but the best way to know is stop by a dealer and let the look up your VIN .

It’s a timing belt. I’m pretty sure none of the Odyssey vans use chains

I looked it up online at a Honda official site, and it says 105,000 miles or 7 years, whichever comes first. That seems like a typical schedule to me. Looks like you are due for a new belt, water pump, etc. It’s a pricey job so check around at shops that say they specialize in Hondas. Dealers are probably the most expensive, and not any better than a good local shop.

There’s a resource called “Mechanics Files” in the red stripe of choices at the top of this page. If you go there you will find some help and reviews to make a decision where to try.

Do it soon. If the timing belt breaks, you will likely destroy the engine. Hondas use an interference engine configuration, meaning that the valves and piston interfere with each other’s motion if allowed to move freely. With the timing belt, the valves are timed to move into the cylinder space only when it is not at the top of the combustion chamber.

Check with the Honda dealer. I had a 2005 Accord with the V6, and my dealer had the best price. I paid $700 in 2012 and they were $150 less than the closest estimate. Get the water pump done at the same time. The coolant has to be drained so you might as well replace that too, and the serpentine belt.

It’s an interference fit engine which means if the belt breaks the engine will suffer major damage. There’s also the safety factor which involves a belt breaking as you cross some railroad tracks with the Burlington Norhern train in sight…

The belt should have been replaced back in 2016; maybe sooner if you live an area with extreme cold or heat.
Or if there are any oil or coolant leaks inside the belt case.

The belt is comparatively cheap. Repairing engine damage due to a snapped belt not so cheap.

The v6 3.5 indeed uses a timing belt from what I can tell. Most of the advice here says there’s a 7 year limit on a timing belt, independent of miles. Figure $75 for the belt itself, and 4-5 hours of labor, depending on what you do with the cam seals and tensioner. Many folks here recommend to replace the water pump and the front crankshaft seal on timing belt jobs too. With only 76K, I probably wouldn’t bother w/ the latter. I’m seeing a recommended replacement interval of 60k for severe service, and 105k for normal service. If you do a lot of stop and go driving and short trips, use the severe service schedule. If you do mostly open freeway driving in the 60 mph range, especially if in in a mild climate, that’s normal service. In your case it doesn’t make a difference, b/c you have to replace it on the 7 year interval.