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Replace power window motor & cables on 2002 Suburban

OK so I took the door apart using my handy-dandy Haynes manual, and I was playing around with the power window motor because it was not working properly, and twang, the old rusty cable broke.

So now I need to replace the motor and cables. Found them on eBay for like $50, so that’s fine.

But I only took the door apart up to the water shield. The actual mechanism is inside the welded sheet metal around the window, with tiny access holes where I was able to witness the final demise of the motor cable. Do I need to somehow remove that sheet metal, or am I expected to replace the motor and the cables via the little access holes?

Yep. It’s replaced thru that small access hole. Wear a long sleeve shirt when replacing the window regulator so you don’t get cut on the sharp metal edges.