Replace Fuel Injector - Cost - Is it worth to repair

Seems that 2 of the 6 fuel injectors are gone and it would cost(175*2 + 550 = 900) to repair using genuine Nissan parts. Also the dealer is recommending replacing the other 4 injectors too since there will be no extra labor charge.

1) Is the price given by the dealer reasonable?

2) Is it worth to repair this car since it already has 160K?

3) Should I replace all 6 injectors

4) Also seems that non-nissan part will be $100 each compared to $175. Is it ok to use this.

Thank you in advance!

If you’re worried about price, I found new fuel injectors for $80 at Autozone for a Maxima, and it shouldn’t cost a lot to swap two out. No need for a dealer. Find a good independent mechanic.

I agree.

It’s worth fixing, unless the body is all rusted out and will no longer pass state inspection. Also a lot cheaper than a new car.

There has to be something unique to your installation. Injectors are generic for the most part and it usually comes down to the connector and capacity. Nissan may trump this with some novel fuel rail configuration that requires extended tool/skill sets to refit them.

I’d contact a fuel injector rebuilder/refurbisher for the straight scoop. Then I’d find a cheap set on ebay …have them refurbished, then installed by a qualified independent.

Unless you have to jump through some major hoops to get to them, injector R&R is pretty simple. I’ve done it a few times and I could never afford the costs you’re confronted with.

That all said, I’ve never truly seen a failed injector (I’m sure it has happened). Just one that’s fouled with fuel residuals. Gumout Regane COMPLETE - Amsoil PI, Techron CONCENTRATE - a couple of tanks, back to back (as directed) should clean up any injector.

Can we get a year/engine/symptoms that caused you to seek service?

I agree, if the car is driveable I’d try a couple of tanks with maximum dose of one of those cleaners.

Thanks for your advice. I will try one of those cleaners.

It is a 2006 V6 Maxima GXE. The looses power at around 40mph and the right front wheel shakes/looses grip. Sometime see this problem at less than 40mph too. I take the foot of the pedal when this happen and it goes away. Never noticed this above 40mph.

If the fuel pressure is falling off, this could lessen acceleration. A fuel pressure check, at 2000 rpm, with transmission in DRIVE, is needed to determine this.
The shake/looseness of the right front wheel could be a worn steering tie-rod end, wheel bearing, or ball joint. Have an alignment shop check that out.

Those are unusual symptoms to connect to 2 fuel injectors, but it might be. I’d find a good independent garage, have them check it out. Did you get a ‘check engine’ light? What were the codes?