'96 Nissan Quest 3.0L mini-van

Was given this vehicle by a friend. It has 220,000 miles on it. He said it needs fuel injectors. My questions: 1)Is this a complicated and/or difficult repair? 2) Does it require specialized tools? 3) Are fuel injector additives safe and effective? 4)Are there simple and inexpensive ways to make it run better?

1- No, not a complex replacement in most cases.
2- No, just normal hand tools.
3- Most are.
4- Since you didn’t describe what is wrong with the Quest, we can’t answer that.


First, get a second opinion about the need for new fuel injectors.

  1. It’s potentially complicated because some of the injectors may be hard to access.
  2. I don’t think any special tools are required, but a service manual for this vehicle would answer that question for sure.
  3. Fuel injector additives are mostly a waste of money. They probably won’t hurt anything, but they won’t help anything, either. Save your money.
  4. Hard to say without more information. When someone gives you a vehicle it probably means the giver is no longer willing to spend the money necessary to make the vehicle run properly.

At 220K miles, I can’t blame them. Don’t sink too much money into this vehicle. Most of its usable life is over.

#4 Well maybe, if you are really lucky. Since we don’t know much about it, no one is going to want to guess. Yes they brand name stuff is safe. It can also be effective IF you are really lucky. All gasoline has enough additives for normal situations.

Start a new post. Tell what problems you are having with the vehicle. If the check engine light is on (I think it is), get the codes scanned at an auto parts store and bring those codes here for advice.