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1990 Maxima

Does anyone have a way to avoid replacing the fuel injectors on a 90 Maxima? Car has been missing badly; had one injector replaced and worked find for a few months. Now it’s missing again and the prescription is for total injector replacement. Any suggestions?

On your next fill-up, try dumping a can of SeaFoam Engine Tune-up in the gas tank.


I’m always a bit suspicious of a total injector replacement diagnosis.

My '90 just died. If you need parts, let me know. Mine has had only 5/6 engine power for a couple years now, of the 3.5 I’ve owned.

Now at 168k miles. I got it at 97.

Nissans of that era had a factory recall for leaking injectors. I wonder whether this vehicle ever had the injectors replaced under warranty.

Recalls never expire. Give the VIN to a Nissan service department and see if you might be eligible for free injector replacement. This is certainly worth a try, just on the chance that you could save a lot of money.