Fuel injectors are stuck

I’m trying to replace the a bad fuel injector on my 2003 Nissan maxima but its is stuck on the fuel rail and the cylinder block I’m trying to pull all of them out because I don’t think its possible to just pull one by its self and its really on there not moving at all and tips on how to remove them there stock and the car has 135k

Give the fuel rail a good yank to pull the fuel injectors.

Then purchase new fuel injector O-rings and replace them when reinstalling the fuel injectors.


The o-rings have really glued themselves in. You could try some penetrating lube sprayed into theconnection points and rpck the Iinjectors out. They will separate.

I replaced the injector O ring seals, a few years ago on a Dodge Dakota that had over 200,000 miles on them. They were a bear to get out, but with enough twisting and rocking they finally came out.
They dry up and sieze pretty good, so just keep working on them and they will give up.
I also used a door panel tool to help pry them out, but finding a good leverage point can be a problem. I used the tool below as a lever and a hammer handle as a fulcrum.

Good luck