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Replace ECU & HCU

My 2004 Mercuy Monterey (=Ford Freestar) is at the dealer, and they tell me they need to replace the ECU & HCU. (I initially brought it in because the ABS light was on.) Service department tells me (after they have had my car a week) these parts are on national backorder and they have to go through all these channels with ford to get them from another dealer, which will take who knows how long.

My question is…are these parts something that a non-dealer shop could find (even rebuilt or salvaged, and if so, would that be an ok option?) ??

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me…I haven’t a clue!

There are places the have used and refurbished modules but the dealer may not warranty them so they prefer using new (and expensive) parts.

National backorder? They must have a lot of problems. First check to see if there is a recall for some reason. Then do a Google search for the parts if there isn’t a recall assuming that is actually your problem in the first place.

My dealer charges $987.47 plus tax for a PCM (ECU) and another $208.80 to install and flash it. The 47 and the 80 cents are really cute additions.

I can get one for my car on-line for $99 plus core charge tweaked up and flashed to my VIN.