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Replace control arms

How often and what is the cost to replace the left front control arms?

I believe that’s a Nissan? What Model-Year is it?

I guess I typed the info in the wrong box…Anyway it is a 2006 G35

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Best to get a local estimate but I paid somewhere over $300 to have both of mine replaced on my Pontiac. I would not do just one though since the other one can’t be far behind and they have to do an alignment anyway.

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Seems the rwd and AWD may have different a-arm parts. I think the rwd parts are cheaper. Like 100 each. Can’t cost a lot to change them

Depends on what all requires replacement, from what I see the front/left suspension parts cost are appx

Upper arm: 325
Lower arm : 200
Compression arm: 425
Bracket: 25

awd version is a little more.

About 3 hours for the labor for the upper/lower arm ass’y, and another 2 hours for the compression arm. Another 1/2 hour if bushings sare involved.

When u see a control arm “kit” for car online u know there are common issues. The lower “arm” assy is 2 arms, front and rear. Kinda sounds like the multi link BMW assy’s. Usually changing 1 part will not fix suspension issues. U change a bunch of parts.

I’m not sure I completely agree with you

I see lots of front end kits on rockauto for vehicles which I know to be fairly reliable, and NOT eat up arms, bushings, ball joints, etc.

I see those kits as offering “peace of mind” . . . kind of like the complete timing belt kits, which include the belt, idler, tensioner, water pump and all the seals. I install those kits on my personal vehicles, and I know for a fact there are no major problems with those engines

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Thanks Guys…for the comments…I appreciate your common sense and good judgement… I had some misgivings because the mechanic who did a "prepurchase " inspection of the car and said it was in great condition …and now found $2000 worth of items that needed to be repaired… 30K miles later. (All miles in town and regular maintenance).

In town miles are hard on cars. Instead of a smooth freeway you have pot holes, curbs, railroad tracks, driveways, and so on.

Sounds accurate Bing… Especially here in Tucson…

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Good grief. Be thankful you got 30K miles out of a front end here in Tucson. Between the potholes and the seemingly endless construction, I can’t hardly keep my vehicles aligned…

Just curious, I’ve never had to replace a control arm before on any my vehicles. But if I had a control arm problem, I’d have expected it would just be a bushing or two that would need replacement, not the entire control arm. Is it a common thing to have to replace the entire control arm?

I think it depends on what is attached to it. If its go the ball joint and everything, you just replace them. On those that just have the grommets and bolts and aren’t bent, I think just replace the bushings.

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On my daughter’s Sentra, it was cheaper to buy arms with bushings and ball joint preinstalled than to buy them separately… and then sweat to push them out and in… was an easy choice :slight_smile: