Urgent help for camry 2008 hybrid control arms replacement - Houston Area

Unfortunately, I lost my job recently and been trying to rely on ride share to put food on the table, but of course this caused wear and tear on my car. I recently found both front lower control arms needs changing, and the prices i got on this range from (almost 2000$ from pepboys) to 400-500$ from others and this includes parts.

I am really trying to get the best price due to circumstances, if someone knows someone who knows a good mechanic that can help and is affordable, it will be very appreciated. I am trying to know how much parts and labor cost separately.


You do not tell where you are located, so unlikely you will get much useful replies.
Click on “Mechanis Files” up top to search for the known mechanics in your area.

That information will not do you much good. Parts from different suppliers can vary a lot. Just concentrate on the total price. I would say avoid chains and franchise places. Also if you are thinking of having someone install parts you purchase that means they do not have warranty the parts or labor.

Is it an issue of uneven tire wear? Most boneyards have ok tires for $20. You did not say if it is a life and death situation.

The entire front control arms don’t require replacement.

If the bushings are worn, then the bushings are replaced.


If the ball joints are worn, then the ball joints are replaced.


And everything is worn, then everything is replaced.


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Seems a little bit soon to replace these parts unless the OP was in a accident.I am still driving with the original control arms on my 20 year old Corolla.

I disagree

I replaced the control arms on my brother’s 2008 Toyota just a few weeks ago

The bushings were shot . . . to the point that you could feel it in the steering, and you heard ominous noises every time you went over bumps or a pothole

Sure, a bushing would have been cheaper, but an entire arm is easier to replace at home, versus extracting the old bushing and putting a new one in. Yes, I do have the tools at home to replace just the bushings, but it’s my time and my body. A good quality aftermarket arm complete with ball joint can be had for a reasonable price

And I do a lot of suspension repairs on our fleet vehicles, many of which are a lot newer than your 20-year old Corolla

So just because a vehicle is only a few years old doesn’t mean it isn’t due for a lot of work

I would suggest to OP that “good quality… for a reasonable price” part pretty much disqualifies many cheap sellers on eBay, as their quality is “unknown” at best, but more likely is “not good”.

If OP drives a lot, Toyota OEM may be the best bet, to give years of reliable operation.

Another good point in the thread above was that the best bet is to make the mechanic to procure the parts needed and to let them give a warranty on repair rather than bring your own parts and go for “no warranty” labor only.

Probably the worst combination of parts/labor would be to buy parts off eBay and to let a shady guy to install it: no warranties, almost guaranteed to fail fast.

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I would suggest staying away from PepBoys for anything other than buying floormats and fake cell phone antennas…

I see your point . . .

I believe I know which brands are okay . . . and which are not

But op might not know which one to choose

And the trouble is: even if you decided to share your knowledge, it is no good to OP as he is better off to let his mechanic to procure the parts and to warranty the result.

If you’re just talking about parts costs, that’s fine. But often it’s cheaper/easier (or at least comparable), after factoring in labor costs, to simply swap out the entire control arm.

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That would depend on the part.

The control arms have to be removed anyway in either case.

Once the control arm is removed, it would take no time to replace the bushings/ball joint.

This brings back memories of the recession where many people lost their jobs, (and houses), and needed to keep their vehicles running at the lowest cost, so they could find another job.


I didn’t tell op to buy his own parts

I was merely relating my own experiences with price of parts and the amount of work involved

Perhaps you’re reading a little too much into my earlier comments . . . ?

no, I’m reading into earlier OP comments where he wanted to shop for parts and labor separately