Repairing a 1998 Toyota Avalon

I was told initially by a nationally known repair and maintenance “shop” that I needed a new radiator and gaskets(?), they then told me I needed a new engine. They could give me a guarantee of 6 months on the labor and one year on the engine. The total cost would be $3500. I have decided to get a second opinion and it is now being evaluated. This repair company says they would give me a 2-year, 24,000 miles guarantee. I don’t look forward to car payments and am uncertain about purchasing a used car. I have had the Avalon for 5-6 years. It currently has about 147,00 miles on it. Is it worth it to have a new engine put in the car? Thanks so much. CJ

Nationally known chain shops are to be avoided like the plague.

I hope you’re getting the second opinion from an independent mechanic, and not another chain.

It’s a pretty big leap from a radiator to an engine.

Please tell us why you took the car in for repairs in the first place. Unless we know the symptoms we’re in the dark as to what might be wrong with your car.

Don’t just assume you need a new engine.