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2003 toyota camry- engine issues

I brought in my 2003 toyota camry LE 4cyl car to my mechanic’s shop and he mentioned that engine is busted. We have found a 2006 toyota camry 4cyl engine. Can any one confirm if 2006 engine can fit in 2003 toyota camry LE 4cyl

they are both the same family of engine, but i’m still not 100% sure there might be something different on the block maybe. i would call a used auto parts store or a junk yard they would know.

It is not just a question of making another engine fit.
Because of the electronics that are involved, the 2006 engine would probably only run properly if you also swap-in the ECM from a 2006 Camry equipped with the same engine. And, even if you do this, it is still very possible that the new ECM will not be able to communicate properly with the original TCM.

Just out of curiosity…what is wrong with the “busted” engine?

I’m curious too. Did you bring the car in for a routine oil change and the just “mentioned” that the engine was busted or were you having some serious mechanical issues?

The 2AZ-FE engine had several issues throughout its life. One of them was stripped threads in the block. The symptoms would be a coolant or oil leak near the back of the cylinder head. Upon removing the head, it would be discovered that the threads in the block were stripped out.

I’m going to take a wild guess and speculate that is your problem.
The Toyota technical service bulletin for this issue is T-SB-0015-11, dated March 2, 2011.
Try to google it, but it’s a 29 page document and I’m not sure anyone’s posted it.

By the way, here are affected cars with the 2AZ-FE engine
2002-2006 Camry
2001-2007 Highlander
2004-2005 RAV4
2002-2006 Solara.

As you see, it would be rolling the dice to get a used engine from one of the listed cars. It might encounter the same problem.

Check out this website. This company sells a repair kit for that problem.

If that is your problem, I believe a very skilled mechanic should be able to fix your engine for less than the cost of a used engine, and possibly with the engine still installed in the car.
Check out youtube. A guy already repaired his Camry and posted a video.