Replace 2007 Trailblazer Radio

Hi there,
I’ve 2007 Chevy Trailblazer LT, equipped with regular radio system (AM, FM, CD and Tap), now I want to install one with navigation GM part# 15806581, I found a used one in the market, my question is: is it as simple as to take the old one out and plug in the new one in place?


Probably not. There are antennae’s that need to be installed and connected, and the GPS receiver. If yours isn’t equipped (which will be unlikely if it wasn’t factory fitted).

You can get aftermarket parts, and install them, but it will take time, and you’ll most likely have to rip apart quite a bit of the dash.

Good luck…

much cheaper to get a separate GPS unit for $100 or so. Takes no installation at all and easily updated or replaced. I like the Garmin units.

Garmin’s are great - I have one with a permanent mount on the motorcycle, and another for the cars. Just be sure and get an “LM” (Lifetime Maps) version. You do not want to have to pay for new maps - which come out a couple times a year (Garmin recommends updating every 3-4 months).

Check with these guys-

It appears to fit. The Trailblazers came with XM and cell antennae. It likely plugs right in but it is a pricey option…

One thing you should know is that many GM radios support other vehicle functions so eliminating the radio can have unintended consequences. Replacing with an OEM option radio should be OK…

Thanks guys I really appreciate your advices.

A buy from Cruthcfields will recommend additional parts needed.

You will need to have a dealer unlock/reprogram the unit after it is installed. You need a Tech 2 scanner which usually only dealers will have.

If it not to late I cast my vote for portable GPS unit that way you can take into the motel room and set it for the next day, Has to be cheaper than replacing the in dash radio.