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2005 Toyota Sienna XLE Limited replacement JBL radio GPS

I need a recommendation for a replacement head unit. The current unit is intermittently losing audio.

I have the base JBL setup with rear DVD and I want to replace with a GPS unit.

What’s the best deal under $600 for GPS, Voice control, BT, pre-amp out, etc with an easy/compatible interface to the factory wiring and steering wheel controls ?

I found some $300 import units on ebay but I am hesitant to pull the trigger.

Any recommendations, tips or advice is appreciated. Thanks.

I agree with Big Marc, forget ebay and use You may spend a bit more, but you’ll get a system that’ll work in your car, and they have the custom adapter cables and vehicle-specific instructions to make installation pretty straightforward. It worked great for my car.

+1 for Crutchfield.

Under $600 is going to be a tall order I’m afraid. You’re looking at around $750-$1000 for a reputable brand, in dash GPS receiver.

I would also recommend crutchfield,com, but also Best Buy, Frys or HHGreg. The latter are stores where you can at least talk face to face with someone, although the people at crutchfield are probably more knowledgeable.

Walmart has some cheap units, the operative word being cheap, about on par with ebay and like ebay, no support. should not be overlooked either, they sell more than just books.

Whatever you choose, be sure to get an adapter cable. An adapter cable splices/solders to the new head unit on the kitchen table using easy to folow instructions and allows you to plug the new unit directly into your existing OEM wiring harness with zero splicing.

Splicing = BAD
Adapter cable = GOOD

Thank you all for the advice. The '05 Sienna XLE Limited has the factory wiring already in place for the head unit conversion and also is pre-wired for a rear-view camera which is a nice bonus.

This project will be easier than I thought :slight_smile: