1995 Toyota Camry LE 4-door automatic


My son bought this car today, on his own, got it home and showed it to me. The gas gauge showed that it used 1/4 tank to drive 16 miles. The car vibrates when in reverse, and the steering makes a sound when you turn left. Plus, there is a noise under the hood as you drive coming from the right, front side. I called and the guy won’t take it back. (I did this to teach my son). How much in repairs am “I” looking at?


maybe you should tak eit to your local neighborhood mechanic and let him give you the news.

honestly you may just have some little things that may need maintenance, OR the car may be on it’s last legs, the the previous owner knew it.

this should be a lesson for JR to ALWAYS take a potential purchase to a mechanic for a ‘preinspection’ PRIOR to buying it. if the seller balks at you taking it for a preinspection, then walk away. it is sadly a hard lesson for him.


Thank you for wording your response so kindly. I followed your advise, and the mechanic said it just needs maintenance on some little things. My son realizes now that mom, and dad who is in Iraq, do know a few things…


crankytony. did you actually re read your responses to this lady?

did you actually have ANY useful advice, or give her any help?

sheesh, her husband is in iraq, doing god know what for his country, (a thankless job in itself) and you cant help insult her. she has a teenager who is a ‘knowitall’ and she needed advice.

thanks for contributing.

and to the OP. jb You’re welcome. glad to help you nudge in the right direction. and say thanks to hubby for all of us here. (even the cranky ones who may not seem too helpful!)


As everybody said thanks for your husband (and you) serving. I goofed when I was a kid too. That became a motivation to go and learn how cars work and now even if I can’t fix something on my car I am pretty good at not being taken. This might be a good time for your son to become involved in his car’s maintenance and learn how things work. Maybe get him a book-repair manual and go from there.


My 17 year old is already looking into mechanic programs at nearby community colleges for when he finishes High School. Thank all of you for honoring my husband, and myself. I appreciate the helpful comments. I wrote in for this reason because I know little about cars, and you guys do. I also know little about dealing with my son’s “know-it-all” attitude… I appreciate the positive advise for helping him also.


I learn the most from things (cars, situations, etc) when those things aren’t working right. When it’s working right, I don’t pay much attention to it, and, therefore, don’t learn much from it. Your son has something to learn from. Sit back (and give encouragement), and enjoy the growth.


Sincere, sincere thanks to your husband for his service and to you for your sacrifice.

I’m glad that it turned out to be small things. Let me suggest that you contact the military support services personnel and ask them if there’s a support system in place to assist military dependents with vehicle repairs and maintenance. You may find not only that such services exist and can save you money but also that there’s a good support network out there.

God bless