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Repair or Sell?

I have a 2005 Honda Accord EX, 118,000 miles. The compressor, clutch and coil have gone bad and need to be replaced. I was also informed that I need new brake pads and trimmed rotors. I’ve been given an estimate of $1,450 for all this work. However, I’m debating whether or not to repair the car or sell it. The car has some cosmetic issues - the clear coat started to wear off in a couple of spots (about the size of softballs) from the hot sun in SC. I just replaced 2 tires (Michelins) last week. I was hoping to keep this car for another 2 years before this happened and I don’t know what other repairs might arise over this time. Should I repair or sell?

if you still like the car, your value repaired will be much more than if you got rid of it in its current state. plus you could sell it after you drive it for two more years. 1500 buck is not much to hold this 11 year old car together. This car is only at mid life.

Repair, think about how many car payments the $1,450 is, not that many. If you keep the car another year or two you are ahead of the game.

Agree! The car is “young” enough to repair and the mileage is about middle age. You have another 8-10 years of good motoring ahead of you with this car.

I agree with the others. This repair plus whatever comes up over the next two years will very likely be much cheaper than moving to a new car. That assumes you’re okay with a car that isn’t as reliable as a new one.

As for the tires, what condition are the other two in? It’s preferable to keep identical tires with matching tread depths at all four corners if possible.


Regarding the AC compressor . . . is it leaking?

Or did it fail catastrophically?

Most of what you mentioned, clutch, brakes, tires, are MAINTENANCE items. They are designed to wear and be periodically replaced. The A/C compressor and coil are repairs. $1,450 for all this work is an incredible bargain. The A/C compressor alone would normally be around $2,000, especially on a Honda. I’d do thecwork and keep the car another 9 years and 118,000 miles.

I’m concerned that the AC compressor may have let go in a bad way, shooting debris into the system

If the shop didn’t recommend a flush, condenser, TXV, receiver-drier, etc., to go along with that new compressor, it might get hairy down the road

“The compressor, clutch and coil have gone bad”

I take that to mean AC compressor, AC compressor clutch and coil (magnet) for the compressor

I see nothing to indicate the clutch, meaning drivetrain, is bad

That’s how I read it

Thanks for all the good advice. I’ll repair and keep it!

To the OP, repair of the clear coat isn’t too expensive if you deal with it before the actual paint under the clear coat gets faded. I’ve got a body shop the does these kind of repairs at a reasonable costs. Get some estimates on a fix. A car that looks good will make it easier for you to keep it longer. This kind of repair will recoup your costs if and when you decide to sell the car in a few years.