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Repairs on Honda civic


I have a '02 Honda Civic (my reliable baby) and it has run ~101k. I have observed that these days I have to top of the power steering fluid quite frequently. I have also observed water dripping when the car is running but on “P” with a/c on

I had it checked out and got an estimate + other things that are going on with the car and want to know if these are right

1. timing belt replacement - $595

2. P/S rack leaking - $935 w/ alignment

3. 90k service - $329

4. they said water is nothing to worry abt and it is because the a/c is running fine and due to compression. is this true?

This will defintely blow a hole in my pocket but I do love and want to use this car for sometime. so what should the order of replacement be? or any other suggestions?

Everything sounds accurate to me. They’re certainly right about the AC - - AC’s extract water from the air, and send it to a drain pan, which drains out under the car.

That timing belt replacement is a pretty good price! they usually want to charge me $100 more around here (similar engine).

As for the 90k service- - what are they proposing to do?

Sounds like dealer prices. I’d get a second opinion from an indy mechanic. Yes, it is normal for your A/C to drip H2O on the ground. When the hot refrigerant gas expands rapidly it cools and causes condensation in your evaporator, which harmlessly drips on the ground (someone correct me if i’m wrong).

BTW: Definitely have that timing belt done ASAP. If the belt fails, your engine will fail catastrophically.

The prices sound fair although I think with a little checking around you can beat the price on that steering rack replacement.
The water drip is entirely normal. When it doesn’t drip is when you fret a little bit.

In order of priority the timing belt/tensioners/water pump is number one and I hope that estimate includes those items also.
After that I would say the 90k miles service (generally a major one at 90k) with the steering rack dead last. You can always feed it a little fluid until replacement time.

Agree with OK4450.

You are due, actually overdue, for the timing belt based on age. Honda recommends replacing at 110K miles. That is #1.

The 90K service is pricey because it should include new spark plugs, adjusting the valves, and other items in addition to fluid changes. It is #2.

The steering rack leak is something to watch. How often do you have to top off the fluid? Fluid is cheap and topping it off is something you can do yourself. As long as the leak stays the same just drive on. If it gets worse and you have to top it off weekly then it is time for a new steering rack. You can save up the money for this repair. A leaky rack won’t leave you stranded on the side of the road somewhere.

Everything sounds legit. As already mentioned, the rack price is higher than need be. I suspect they’re giving you a price that uses a new rack rather than a rebuilt one.

Uncle Turbo has offered a good suggestion. The leak will grow over time, but it’s unlikely to suddenly fail completely. If you can live with regular topping-off, this might outlast the rest of the car. But I have to tell you, it’ll grow rather fast, so start saving.

The AC system drips water because of the way it works. It compresses the refrigerant, which heats it up. It then removes the heat from the compressed refridgerant. The compressed and cooled refrigerant is then sent to and rapidly expanded into a coil, where it chills as it expands. Cabin air is then passed by the chilled coil. In addition to the heat from the cabin air being remived, the moisture in the cabin air condenses on the coil surface and drips down through a drain tube.

Thanks for your replies

#1 This is maintenance just like an oil change, it is part of owning any car.

#3 What is included? I am a little suspicious of that one.

They make PS fluid with stop-leak and it works pretty good on leaky racks…