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Timing Belt Cover

I recently bought a 95’ Civic in meh shape.

By the looks of it the previous owner was a wannabe mechanic. The timing belt was replaced but the top half of the timing belt cover is gone and the place where the bolt goes looks broken. My question is, is there a chance with the top half missing that the timing belt can slip off and cause allot of damage, or is there enough tension that its not a big worry.

The belt won’t slip off. The cover is just there to keep water, dirt, and debris away from the timing belt.

I’d scrounge around in a junk yard, find another upper cover, and attach it as best I could, just to be on the safe side.

The cover is just a cover but it’s there for safety and prevents things from getting to the timing belt. I would repair the bolt area and get another cover from a salvage yard. Don’t leave the timing belt unprotected.

thanks for the reply, yea im going to check a junk yard, i checked dealership prices at about $250, and im not sure if it comes with the broken bolt area or not.

Based on your comment it sounds like the previous owner was a bit ham-fisted and if the car were mine I’d go back in and take the timing belt assembly apart.

I would want to know with absolute dead certainty that the belt was replaced along with the tensioners and water pump along with making sure there were no internal bolts left loose, etc. This would also present an opportunity to look that new belt over for any cuts and nicks that may exist due to the ham-fistedness being used.

If that belt goes south due to any cuts/nicks or a failing tensioner or water pump then engine damage will occur. Head this potential problem off before it starts is the way I look at it.

Thanks for the reply, but I honestly don’t want to invest a whole lot into this car, its an A-B beater and was just hoping to verify there wasn’t an immediate safety issue with my daughter in the car. I will definitely keep your advice in mind in case i decide to fix the car up and keep it for longer. Thanks again.

$250 for a plastic timing belt cover half at a Honda dealer? That is good to know about Hondas.

I may be wrong but I’m pretty sure its metal, haven’t flicked it to check. The dealership doesnt sell them in halves unless i was lied to, that’s the price for whole cover, still overpriced if you ask me.