Honda Civic Service Cost



I just brought in my 2003 Honda Civic for regularly schedule 110K mile service. The basic sost was quoted at $950. They also recommended wheel alignment, brake fluid replacement, and radiator hose replacement which bumped up the cost to $1500. Is this reasonable??


It sounds like a dealer price. $950 seems in check only if the timing belt is getting changed beyond those items.

You can always call around a few independent mechanics and get a quote. Any mechanic can work on a Civic and something is wrong if they have not given there prevalence. Price really depends where you live which is not indicated in your post.

Your primary focus is changing timing belt if not already performed.


Thanks for the response. Yes, the timing belt will be replaced. I live in central NJ. The dealer has not ripped me off in the past but this price seemed a little excessive which prompted this post. Thanks again.


The $950 isn’t out of line at a dealer, but the jump to $1,500 for the other three items seems excessive.

$500 is too much for an alignment, a radiator hose, and a brake fluid change.


An independent shop would do all that for $800, and do it as well as the dealer. The dealer does NOT have a monopoly (or even a minor holding) in quality, over independent shops


I have an '03 Civic EX with 90K miles. The 110K service is a very big one for the Civic. Timing belt with water pump and tensioner. Valves adjusted, new coolant, new spark plugs (first time changing them) are the main items in addition to the standard oil change. The $950 seems reasonable for these services.

A new radiator hose should be practically no labor since all the hoses come off with the timing belt job. I just had a 4 wheel alignment for $70. Honda charges about $120 for the brake fluid job and other mechanics will do it for much less. The additional $550 for the items you mentioned is way out of line.

Tell them to change the radiator hose but you won’t pay for additional labor, just the part. The bill shouldn’t be over $1,000 before sales tax.

I’m in the process of getting dealer quotes and independent garage quotes on getting my Civic timing belt changed soon. I won’t use the dealer if they charge significantly more than an independent garage.


Not only to those sound like dealership prices, it sounds like they are trying to sell you services you don’t need. Try to find an independent mechanic who specializes in Hondas and get a quote for only the items listed in the owner’s manual.