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2000 Civic - Replace timing belt and other stuff (dealer)


I have a 2000 Honda Civic with 93K miles. I know it’s time to replace the timing belt and when I called the dealer, I was quoted $635 to replace the timing belts, all other belts (AC, etc), water pump and front seals. When I asked about just the timing belt, it was $389.

Does the water pump and all the other stuff need to be replaced too? I was always under the impression if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, but maybe the pump is internal and it would be good insurance?

What do you guys think?

Do they NEED to be??? no…Is it the SMART thing to do??? YES.

You have to remove all the drive belts just to get to the timing belt. As long as their off it makes since to just replace them. If they fail later the labor to replace them far exceeds the cost of the belts.

In order to replace the water pump and cam seals the timing belt MUST be removed. So if they ever fail…you’re looking at another $400+ in labor just to replace them. It makes financial sense to replace them all at once.

Do it all at once. It’s the smart thing to do, and prevents you from paying the labor again if one of the other things fails after the belt is replaced.

Shop around. You may get a better price from an independent mechanic, although the price you quoted is just about what I paid for a similar job not too long ago. I had everything replaced along with the timing belt.

The price quote is not out of line, and as has already been stated, it is wise (and potentially less costly) to have all of these jobs done at the same time.

Thanks for the replies. I guess it we can just go all the way and change everything out.

I thought about an independent, but I figure the Honda dealer would do a better job (maybe/maybe not). Last time I had a problem though, this Honda dealer came through for me.

Now to start looking for change in the couch… :slight_smile:

this Honda dealer came through for me

That is certainly worth something. Some dealers have very good service departments. Mine is good and I have more than once used them because they are good and are convenient for me even if I might have had it done elsewhere for less.

On my 99 Civic, I bought the water pump, timing belt, and 3 drive belts from the dealer for $172. I later decided not to do the work myself, and had a trusted local garage do the work, for $255.