Repairing Scratches in clearcoat finish

So we bought a new Chevy Traverse last Friday. Wouldn’t you know it, by Monday, my wife parked the vehicle near our local elementary school, went in and when she got in the car, she noticed the passenger side mirror was flipped inwards. She flipped it back in place (no damage), and noticed on the front passenger side quarter panel a 15 inch black streak and down near the fender, a couple of decent scratches. Looked like a bike brushed up against it, in my opinion. The black streak will come out with something like Nu Finish, but was wondering how to take care of the scratches lower near the fender. I know there are some products that hide the scratches and eventually wash out with a few car washes, but I’ve heard of a few other products like Scratch X 2.0 that actually repair the scratches.

Any opinions on this, or should I take it to an expert, like a body shop or maybe even a detailer?

I’ve used this and had good luck with it.

Idunno, on a new car, if you’ve never polished a car with a buffer before, I think you’d be ahead just letting the body shop take care of it. Probably take 15 minutes but they know how to polish and use the various compounds. 3M makes good products but I’d be concerned about using a buffing wheel on a drill on a new car. If the clear coat is scratched, it can be polished out. If the clear coat has been scraped down to the color coat though, that needs paint replacement. I think if you’ve got to ask what to do, you should take it to a body shop. A detailer too could do it if you know a good one.