Repairing contacts in sliding doors - on the MPV minivan, could I paint with some metallic paint?

The doors don’t power lock - I suspect because contacts are worn out - how to fix them?

What (besides expensive parts replacement) would work to fix this?

I had thought about metallic paint ? Any suggestions?


First of all, what is the make, model, miles, and year of the vehicle.

And can you give any additional information, such as whether the other doors work and whether the “power lock” means that they don’t lock using the remote…and whether they lock manually.

The answer to the generic question of “does metallic paint restore worn out contacts” is NO…never. Never ever. You’ll need to find oiut what’s actually wrong to fix it. The solenoid could be inop, the wiring shorted to ground, or whatever.

What he^ said.

Regardless of the vehicle, you can probably get the parts you need from a junk yard.

Before you paint or replace anything take a pencil eraser and work it hard over the brass contacts. Sometimes that helps.