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What should it cost to replace the A/C manifold hose on a 1996 Chev. Corsica with a 4L engine ?

What’s an A/C manifold?

A “manifold” is a device that groups flowing fluids together and directs them accoringly or disperses flowing fluids to seperate paths. Like an “intake manifold” or an “exhaust manifold”. Modern plastic-tubed plumbing systems also use manifolds. They feed the water into one device that disperses it to the different locations. But I’ve never heard of an automotive A/C manifold.

Some A/C hose setups are referred to as manifold hoses. This usually means the ones that have both a low and high side attachment fitting in one piece with attached hoses and (it varies) a drier, compressor noise muffler, and so on and so on.

As to price that will vary a lot based on the parts source, labor rates, locale, etc, etc.
Generally these types of hoses are fairly pricy and in some cases, real pricy.
I remember seeing one for a Corvette I think it was that was about 1100 dollars and that was just for the manifold hose, no labor, refrigerant, or anything else.

Thanks OK4450. Once again, I’ve learned something from you. I am forever in your debt.