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found oil around the intake manifold.on one side the low coolant light came on 7 days ago.what is this going to cost me to have fixed and what type of questions should i ask my mechanic.need advice.never had this problem2002 montecarlo ss 3.8 v6 46.000miles.droping the car off in the morning and dont know what to expect

Probably expect to pay $500-$800 for a new lower intake manifold gasket. Make sure you get the new “improved” gasket that is less likely to go bad.

thanks for the advice i will make sure that the gaskets are the new improved gaskets.thanks dominic

just got back from dropping car have to wait for that dreded phone call.went to my local mechanic.hopefully the bill will not be to much more than 600.will let you know what long does it take for a mechanic to replace the intake manifold gasket exct. dominic 2002 montecarlo ss3.8 v6

mechanic just called me the upper @ lower intake manifold gakets should have them both done.cost $950 with the upper and lower intake gaskets,coolant flush.oil change.coolant sensor.and what ever else plus labor what do you think abot the price

Price sounds about right. Whenever the words “manifold” “intake” “gasket” and “coolant” are used to describe a GM v6 issue this seems to be the cause. It was even the subject of a class action law suit a while back. Read up on it, the internet is rife with information on this.

read up on the class action suit.the paper work had to be in before october of soon as i get the car back with the paper work with what was done.i will send it in anway.i also called the number on the class suit.they said it was to late???

mechanic just called me back and suggested that the lower intake should be done with the upper and lower intake gaskets pleniun coolant change and oil change.a new low coolant sensor.looking around 950 to 1000.he said since he was this far into this that he reccomende that i get it done.what do tyou guys think

Sound like your mechanic is proceeding on a logical path. Think that is all we can say about it, without actually examining the car. I would not hesitate to follow the mechanic’s recommendation.

that is what i did.told him to go ahead and do the work.the price caught me off guard.from what i understand their is alot of labor involved.thaks everone for the advice dominic

Last week we were going to pay a mechanic 8hrs at $80.00 to pull a head on a V-6 Saturn (the stuck plug) and now its OK for $950-1000 for upper lower intake? on a GM 3.8.

thankyou for the advice.i guess the car will be done sometime today or tommorow.dont want to rush him.the car is worth putting the money in .thanks again for all of the great advice. dominic

the car is done and the bill came to $828.00 to pick it up at lunch time.wanted to keep you informed.and to thank everyone that help me to uderstand what is involved in getting this work done.untill i got some info on these forms i did not no what to the advice was great.i will breakdown the bill and see what exactly what was done.dominic