2002 windstar simultaneous failures

this is my first post here . Go easy on me please.On my windstar the ABS and brake lights came on and so did the O/D off light , the speedometer and odometer quit working and the AC stopped blowing cold air. It starts and runs fine, the transmission shifts properly judging by the Tach reading. All these things happened at the same time.

Incedentally , the engine light has been on for about 2 years, I had the code read and was told that it was running rich. It runs good so I haven’t worried about it. Thanks Frank Kelly

Can’t help Frank but I can say Junkstars have a history of this. Dealer put in 4 clusters on mine and on one of them cluster did just what you described.

So far this has been a reliable vehicle. If you don’t mind, how many of the replacements did you have to pay for and how much did they charge you? I am probably going to the dealer for this.

Maybe, it’s the instrument cluster, and maybe, it’s not. The problem with the brakes could be real. How would you know? You need it troubleshot to determine. Take it to a decent brake shop for repair.

A rich running engine can cause problems with the oxygen sensors and the catalytic converters.

Oh, how an engine runs has no direct correlation with the proper functioning of the emissions control systems. The emissions systems aren’t designed to maximize engine performance.

I took it in to the dealer. $82 for diagnosis, I actually think I got my moneys worth there for that. They were scratching their heads over the situation for quite a while. It turned out to be the FEM Module back feeding current and blowing the fuse that current goes through to the systems involved. It is ready to pick up now and the repair cost estimate was $260. If it is truly fixed I will be happy, I was thinking $1500 or so. So I am looking at this as good news. The check engine light is still on, they wanted another $82 to diagnose that, Auto zone will do it free, and The Mechanix files lists a repair shop close by that a Guy I graduated with runs so I think I will go there. Thank you to all who expressed concern and or replied.

Autozone will not diagnose your check engine light problem for free. They will retrieve the OBDII code and maybe give you a guess about a problem part. A real diagnosis would determine what is really wrong. (No OBDII codes says that part “a” is bad, only that part “a” is telling it something it doesn’t like.)
Please note that this could be a cheap problem that since it wasn’t fixed will lead to an expensive problem like failed/clogged cats.

I’m glad you got it fixed. My van was under warranty so Henry & Edsel paid for it.