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I have a 1993 volkswagon eurovan.I replaced the starter and now I find that the distributor cap is eroded.If the cap is replaced will the van start?

With all of the unknowns on the overall condition of the engine as well as the maintenance record of this van, I think that the only accurate answer is, “maybe yes, maybe no”.

You really need to give us a LOT more information before you can get an answer with real value.

what information do you need to know because I really need some help here please help this van is my only means of transportation

Total odometer mileage?

Date and odometer mileage of most recent replacement of spark plugs, air filter, fuel filter, and spark plug wires?

Date and odometer mileage of most recent battery replacement?

How long has the vehicle been sitting without being started and run?

Does this vehicle have a timing belt, and if so, when was it last replaced?

The only questions I know the answer to is the vehicle has not started in about 4 weeks, it has about 188,000 miles

I am going to assume that your reply about not knowing the answer to the other questions is an indication that you bought the vehicle recently, and that you have no maintenance records for it.

Going on that assumption, then–unfortunately–you have to assume that no required maintenance has been done on the vehicle. To begin, you have to replace the spark plugs, spark plug wires, air filter and fuel filter. Hopefully, doing these things will allow you to start the engine. Once it starts, you need to have the oil changed, and if it has an automatic transmission, you need to have the transmission fluid (and filter) changed. Do NOT get the transmission flushed! When it is in the shop, you should also have a load test done on the battery.

And, hopefully the gas that is in the tank is not really old, because that could also be part of the no-start problem. If there is a question regarding the age of the gas, then you need to have the tank drained and refilled with fresh gas and a good fuel system cleaner like Seafoam.

Whether you can get the engine to start or not, you should be aware that the timing belt on this engine (NOT the serpentine belt!) needs to be changed every 5 years or 60,000 miles. Unless you can confirm that it was replaced in the past 5 years, then you will need to spend the money to replace that belt. (If the engine did not start after replacing the plugs, wires, and filters, then it is possible that the timing belt has already snapped.)

Bear in mind that the necessary maintenance on this vehicle will exceed its book value, but if you want to keep it running, you need to do ALL of it. If you have an Owner’s Manual, refer to that booklet to make sure that all of the maintenance is up to date, in terms of both odometer mileage and in terms of elapsed time. If you don’t have an Owner’s Manual, you need to get one! E-bay is a good, low-cost source.

Please report back to us on your progress.
Good luck!

If the cap is replaced will the van start?

Sure, if there is not something else preventing it from starting. There may be a hundred different problems that could prevent it from starting.

We might have a better idea of what else is likely if you can answer VDCdriver’s questions. I will add one, what exactly happens when you turn the key to try and start it? Details.

My guess is this car has been ignored for a long time and you are going to find a number of maintenance items that have been ignored. Not necessarily expensive, but be ready for things like plugs wires, oil change, brake fluid change (safety item) coolant change etc. All things that should have been done a long time ago.