Repair Paint Damage

We had a ice storm recently. Stupidly, I used the ice scraper to get the ice off my black Acura TSX.

What’s the best method for repairing damage to paint as a result? The paint isn’t chipped but there are streaks.


I’m not exactly sure what you mean by streaks, but I’d try a clay bar first. If that doesn’t work, I’d move to something stronger, like a polishing compound, although that has to be done correctly to prevent even more damage, so at that point it might make sense to visit a good body shop.

You might try this product to remove the paint streaks.


You could even try a paintless dent repair place, they can probably buff it out at a very reasonable price.

Megiaurs Cleaner Wax is my goto product for light scratches and scuff marks.

Ed B.

STOP and GO to a detail shop and have them use their experience with a rotary buffer and varying compounds to polish out the fine scratches you put in your BLACK paint…ANY other method will not work and will only frustrate you… Been there WAY too many X and RUINED too many paint jobs to want to think about. Let a pro polish it out for you…its cheap and it will be PERFECT… A rotary buffer can melt the paint off your car if you dont know how to use one…I do…NOW…but practice has made perfect for me…you dont want to know what has happened during my “practice runs” LOL