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How do I get rid of black streak from my car after rubbing up against another car's bumper

I drive a 2005 Mazda 3 Hatchback. I was in a parking garage and tried to pull around a Land Rover (a much larger car) I cut the corner a bit too tight and the rear quarter panel of my car has a long back streak caused by the friction of my car and the Land Rovers bumper. I caused a small dent in my car as well. The dent dent would be far less noticeable if not for the long black street on the quarter panel. Can anyone recommend a way to get rid of the black streak?

I use NuFinish Scratch Doctor to remove paint scrapes from auto finishes. You might give that a try.


I’d try a clay bar first to see what that does.

As for the dent, check out a local paintless dent repair place. The ones I’ve had done have come out perfectly.

Megieurs Scratch X is another product I have found that works. If not you need body work.

I hope you left a note on the Land Rover as you most likely made a mark on his bumper. Just remember how you would feel if the same happened to you.

Sometimes Just Car Wax And Elbow Grease Is All That’s Required. I’d Wash The Area First To Avoid Scratching The Paint. Wax Is Not Very Abrasive To The Car’s Finish.

I always try the least abrasive approach (like wax) first and work up from there. Too much rubbing and too abrasive a compound and paint damage can result.