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Repair Outback head gasket?

I have 2003 Subaru Outback wagon 4 cylinder that has a leaking head gasket. It occasionally smells of antifreeze & I have to top off the reservoir every month or so. My mechanic tells me it will cost $2-3K to repair. The car has 61K miles. I’m wondering if I should just trade it in, or spring for the repair.

Before you make a decision, contact the service manager at the Subaru dealership.
In many cases, Subaru of America is paying half of the cost of head gasket replacement if the car was properly maintained.

Even if they say “no” at the dealership to a request for assistance, you can phone Subaru of America in Cherry Hill, NJ to ask them directly for assistance with the expense of this repair job. Since you have only 61k miles, you just might be surprised at their response. Naturally, your mechanic is not about to suggest anything that might take some business away from him!

Good luck.

Contact Subaru, there is an extended warranty for the head gasket time bomb, 8 yrs/100,000 miles. Good luck.

I think you must have some proof that you used Subaru coolant and kept the engine maintained as VDC said earlier. In any event…contact Subaru.

Actually the only qualification is using $3 Subaru coolant conditioner (aka stop leak) at the prescribed 30k intervals. Subaru has been lenient on claims according a contact I have at a dealer.

I Found This Link To A “Subaru Head Gasket Website” (It Is Not Implied By Site To Be Approved By Subaru Of America.), But Could Prove To Be Helpful Information.