2007 subaru head gasket

I love my Subaru…at least I did until Monday - when I had it at the dealership for it’s 60,000 mile service and was informed that my headgasket is leaking. And, (to top everything off…) the car is 3000 miles out of warranty so the cost for this repair will @ $2300; had I brought it in earlier, Subaru would have covered it. Needless to say, I’m still in shock. Obviously this leak is a new development since I had an oil change 3 months earlier and the tech never noticed a leak. So, I hit the internet, and surprise! this isn’t an isolated case; yes… Subaru obviously has a problem with their head gaskets. Ultimately I will have to have this gasket replaced, but is this urgent and something that needs to be done immediately, or can I delay this for 3 months? 6 months? What about the leak additives I’ve read about? Once this gasket is replaced, will this take care of the problem, or is this going to be a recurring repair?

It has been a rarity in 2005+ Subaru’s having issues with head gaskets. However as time passes this may change.

I would contact Subaru of America directly and express your disappointment. Given the age and slight mileage over and some pressing Subaru will likely cover nearly the entire repair. Especially given you are servcing the vehicle at a dealership.

Good luck

When it comes to replacing Subaru head gaskets you do not replace one; both get replaced if the job is done properly.

Since this sounds like a weepage problem (coolant or oil) you might consider having the cylinder head bolts retorqued AND the valve lash inspected.
Some claim that neither is necessary. In the real world it is.

Subaru has a long history of head gasket problems. I’ve often maintained that given a few years the current generation of Subarus will show the same symptoms. Maybe your car is on the cutting edge of the latest round of failures.

You might contact SOA about their performing a Good Will warranty. They could offer to do his gratis (good deal for you) or they may want to go halfsies on it. (the latter essentially means you’re footing the entire bill but perception leads you to believe that you’re not)