Head gasket

My 2002 Subaru has 72,700 miles on it. I only do city driving. I have a leak in my head gasket and have been told it would cost ~ $3,000 - $3,500 to repair it. My question: Is it worth getting it repaired? What about the rest of the engine? I have already put ~ $1,000 in it since September. Suggestions, please!

It doesnt need to cost 3000 half that is plenty find a different mechanic

If the car is in good shape otherwise and you like the car, than it’s worth fixing. I’d shop around for prices though.

Yes. Its worth getting repaired

Find a good independent shop that specializes in Subaru.
No need to go to the dealer when it’s out of warranty.

I hate to ask, but what does the $1k you have spent since September have to do with the issues with the car now? Unless that $1k was spent on fixing the head gasket already, or for an engine rebuild, its pointless to even think about that money anymore.

Oh, and which side is leaking?
The left head gasket, or the right head gasket?
And is that the price for both gaskets being changed?

If that’s for just 1 head gasket, you are really being taken for a ride.


Subaru warrantied this for 8yrs/100,000 miles. It seems you may be over in years(starts on date sold) but never hurts to ask Subaru of America. You may have to visit a dealer if not already.

A head gasket repair for your car is mostly labor. The basic gasket kit (without headbolts) costs around $200 retail, so you would pay a mechanic $400 for the kit. The labor should be at most ten hours for an experienced and well equipped mechanic. Total cost should be in the ballpark of $1000-1500. TOPS. Negotiate the price to this range or move the car.

If this head gasket fault is nothing more than a garden variety weepage problem then have someone retorque the head head bolts for you.
This is a simple job and if you have this done ask the person who does it if those bolts moved a little when they performed this operation.