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Leaking head gasket

I was told that i have a leaking head gasket on my 2000 nissian x-terra. the x-terra has 78500 miles on it. he wants to charge $2000.00 to change it out, in your all opioion is it worth it? should i bite the bullet and look at new cars? it does it terrible gas mileage but it is payed off. cars are high so are the taxes. let me know what u think.

I had the same issue but on a 98 Taurus. When you say change out do you mean a new/rebuilt engine or he will fix the head gasket? Also have you looked around your area what $2000 might buy you in a new used car?

Shop around on this repair. This is a labor intensive job, but it should not take much in parts, unless you’ve cracked a head or warped it so badly that it can’t be machined. If you have a 4 cylinder, it should be closer to $1000 and $1500 for a V6.

You’d be hard pressed to find a decent used car at those prices, and without doing the repair, you won’t get squat in resale - you’re likely better off doing the repair, and THEN if you decide you want better gas mileage selling it and getting something new.

replace the head gasket.

That’s low mileage to need a head gasket. What are the symptoms? I’d get a 2nd or 3rd opinion.