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2002 Nissan Sentra...time to replace

We have a 2002 Nissan Sentra that we bought about two years ago with 80000 miles. It was bought from a dealership, that is owned by close friends. It had one previous owner…recently we have had a lot of repairs: air conditioning, shocks and struts, and motor mounts…It will be around 2000. We paid very little for the car…should we put the money in and it will go for awhile or should we get something else? This is a commuter third car for our family. We need something very basic, great gas mileage, and can’t pay a lot.

So now you probably have around 100K or 120K, correct?

Yeah, that’s about the time that suspension parts might start wearing out . . . that is normal

As for the AC, you’ve probably got a leaking compressor and/or hoses, correct?
Also not unheard of for a 12 year old car

To be honest, none of the items you listed really raise any red flags, so to speak

I think you should get a second opinion, and if the second guy agrees, go ahead and do the repairs.
That car should easily give you another 5 years of good service.

Depends on the body if it is rusty, dump it, if not these are very reliable little cars.

I would repair the car as long as that evil rust doesn’t have hold of your little Nissan. I agree with both previous answers.