Repair or replace



I have a 2000 Jeep Cherokee Classic, 4.0L, IL6, 4x4 with over 160k. The body is showing a small amount of rust and the interior is mint. The engine needs replaced and from what I understand at that mileage, it would be a good idea to change out the transmission as well. My question to you is, is the vehicle worth it?? Do I replace the motor and transmission, and at what cost should I expect or buy new??


Move on…If you decide to replace engine used only.


The question is not whether it’s worth it to me, it’s whether it’s worth it to you.

I would not install a new (or used) engine and transmission in a vehicle with 160K miles. If it were my vehicle I’d move on to something else. But it’s not my vehicle.


It’s your call. I would not, but then I don’t really like to spend much time working on my car and I don’t really like Jeeps.

As noted, it is going to cost you some before it is done. If I was looking for good reliable transportation, I would go new. If you wanted it as a second car and could do much of the work yourself (maybe a friend or brother) then it might be great.


Thanks everyone for your advice. Sounds like it’s going to be a better investment for a new car.


Does your engine really need replaced? Why? What exactly is wrong with it?

I’ve seen MANY Jeep 4.0L engines with well over 200K and a few with 300K on them. If I had your Jeep, really liked it, and it needed an engine, I’d have a low(er) mileage used engine installed. It’s one of the easier engines to R&R. (Remove and Replace) Check out for a good used engine near you. Get quotes from more than one shop for the R&R. I have not paid more than $300 for a swap in recent years, except for a V-8 in a Taurus SHO. NO ONE wanted that job. Ask a local used car dealer who he uses. They all do things on the cheap.

I would not replace the transmission until the current one died. Who is giving you this advice, the shop owner whose boat payment is two months behind? Replace the transmission fluid and filter, and drive on with the “new” engine. When the tranny goes, check again.