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Fix or get rid of

My husband’s 2006 Jeep Cherokee needs a new transmission and we were told by the garage that it will cost $2800. We just replaced the engine a few years ago. We are thinking on getting rid of it due to it being older and now having the second major problem… is it worth fixing or should we just try to get a few hundred dollars for it and buy something else?

It’s time to say goodbye to this one. I would sell it “as is” to a mechanic or sell it for parts. A recycle yard may give you a couple of hundred dollars for it as well.

You don’t have to tell me why it needed a new engine, but based on that I suspect there are more expensive repairs lurking in the future.

Cut your losses and go on with life.


I think any advice depends on the overall condition of the jeep. If it looks decent and runs OK get a couple of estimates and you might get a cheaper trans. If after that it will most likely pull enough trade in you might break even.


Your Jeep may be worth much more as a drivable vehicle. There are many variables, miles, condition, location. The Grand Cherokee comes in a wide range of trim levels and rear wheel drive or 4/AWD affecting resale value (the Cherokee was not sold in the U.S. after 2001).

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You already replaced the engine, and you should have many more miles left in it. If you replace the transmission with a remanufactured one, you could get 5 or more years out of it easily. This assumes the remaining systems like cooling, brakes, and suspension are in good shape. If there is little to no rust, it might make sense to fix it. When I say a little rust I mean topical rust only, no penetration. And just because you see rust on the surface of the fenders or doors doesn’t mean it isn’t coming from the inside. Have your mechanic tell you if it is surface rust if you want to keep the Jeep. If it runs well and is a clean SUV, where can you find a replacement for $2800?

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