Repair necessary?

In 2007 at about 90,000 miles while our 2000 Saab 9-3 4 door hatchback was sitting in our garage during the night about 4 inches of the end of the left front coil spring broke off and fell to the floor. Five days later the identical thing happened to the right front coil spring. Both springs remained firmly attached to the car.

On advise of the Saab dealer and at come considerable cost I replaced both springs.

Was this repair necessary?

You are kidding, correct?
Are you actually asking if it was necessary to replace front coil springs that had broken and had lost some of their original material?

My answer is:
Only if you expect to be able to drive the car safely.

So you have been thinking about posting this for the last two years?? Perhaps it’s time an IQ component was added to the Drivers License Written Test…

yes it necessary, no doubt about it.