Do I need to replace coil springs '04 Sienna?

Hello Couch Mechanics… Both of my coil springs (rear) are broken. The Sienna drives fine with no sway, or noticeable lower of body, It will cost about $500 - $600 parts and labor to replace + new shocks if I do.
Do I really need to replace the coils and shocks ?? It seems to drive fine. Has 130,000. miles

Thanks for any input. David

Here’s what a broken coil spring can do to a tire.



For the sake of the rest of us who share the roads with you, the answer is YES!

These components are critical to good control, and while it may seem to ride and handle fine to you, it’ll only take one emergency evasive-action maneuver to make the problems become clear… and it could cost the life of someone’s father, mother, son, or daughter and destroy the lives of everyone in their life.

I beg you, please get this fixed. Get a second opinion if you’re in doubt, but get it fixed. Please.

Thanks Tester. That is what I thought. Although the Sienna has all rear seat taken out, and is light… just not worth it. I live in Lexington, so you’re safe.
I already have orderd the coils… it seems this is common problem among Sienna’s.
Went to garage today and this is the 3rd Sienna they have had to replace coils on.

Rosanna , Rosanna was right. It’s always something. Thanks, David

I will totally agree with @Tester & @the_same_mountainbike .This needs to be fixed.
The springs are staying together now because of the weight that is on them. One quick swerve to avoid something and one spring may separate, grab a tire and send you out of control.

This is not a hard job and if you have jack stands and a set of 1/2 inch sockets and a few wrenches, you could do this yourself.


rrsprings are separate from shocks. still, its not an easy job for a novice with no stands, jacks, tools, patience
600? Got a list of parts and labor?

Thanks everyone for probably saving my life!

This is a labor intensive job.   I have to drop the axel to put in new shocks and springs.   I didn't realize the danger in letting it just 'go'.