Repair my truck

My truck has just began quiting while I’m in the process of driving,I call a towing service and have it towed to whereever and it will start and run til the next time I’m on the road and it has qiut again,have it towed and have no difficulty in getting it to start…flustrated,where do I began?

Telling us all you can about the truck.

Yes we need more info.
The first thing you need to do is see if it is a spark or fuel trouble.
One way is when it dies take off air breather hose at the throttle body and spary starting fluid, if it starts you know its fuel trouble.
Spark can be checked with a spark checker, it plugs in between plug wire and plug and sparks in glass tube so you can see it.

it’s a 1989 F-250…It’s getting plenty of fire…we replaced ignition modulator as well as plugs,fuel filter…my next hope is maybe i have a short in my fuel pump connection…I replaced the fuel pump several years ago and what a pain in the ass that was…Have no confidence in driving it and when it does stop and by the time I get it to a shop or home it’s running…Oh by the way,I did have a new manual transmission,clutch,pressure plate put in about 3 months ago…

It’s up to YOU, Caden, to narrow the problem to a manageable size. How? By a few simple tests to see if the stall/no-start is the result of a fuel, spark, or electrical cause.
When it stalls, and you attempt to re-start, spray Starting Fluid into the intake tube, and crank the engine. What happens? Use a spark tester. Your auto parts store has several types. Does it show sparks?
Get back to us with the tests results.

Thanks,Will get back with you later with results!