Old Ford Truck

I have this 1990 Ford F150. Can’t say it is found on road dead,because I can’t get it to run enough to get it to the road. It used to be my brothers problem,but now it is mine. It has a 4.9 six cylinder engine, fuel injected. It has sat for years with a blown standard shift transmission. My brother decided to put an automatic transmission in it. Before he could get it running again he decided to quit on it and leave it in his garage,until he gave it to me. I couldn’t get it running and got on the internet and trouble shoot it my self. Replaced the mas air flow censor,and the idle control valve. To my amazement it started. I’m an x army mechanic,my brother is now a retired army mechanic.I call myself a shade tree mechanic now because I work on the truck under a shade tree. Well it ran for a while and started spitting and sputtering. Had it on the drive way and saw a big puddle of gas under the truck. Realized the gas was being pumped to the front gas tank till it was overflowing out the vent. The front gas tank had no fuel pump. Talked to my brother on the phone and he said he had drained all of the gas…wrong he forgot the front gas tank. I dropped the gas tanks and drained all the gas out and put in two cans of sea foam. Bypassed the gas lines for the front tank and left it laying in the yard. Now it will not start at all. I have spark to the spark plugs,and gas up to the fuel rail but it will not even try to start. I have tried spraying starting fluid into the throttle body and it still will not even try to start. What do I look for to get this truck on the road. It’s in great shape for a 1990 and would love to get it on the road…Any help you could give would be deeply appreciated.

If starting fluid did not work, check for spark. I suspect your coils are not firing.

Try pulling the timing connector and see if it will start. if it will, then the wire from spout connector to computer is grounded or computer is bad.

I was doing a test on the ignition system today. Everything was testing out ok…until I got to the ignition control module. I got my wife to turn the key for me as I was probing the wire,and it acted like it wanted to start. Good thing! As she was was turning the key the test light lit up and blinked. I had her to get out and I turned the key, pressed the gas peddle a couple of times and it started up for me and is running pretty good. Since it has sat more than it has run the last few years I figure that every thing is corroded and probing the wire broke some of it loose. Now, should I clean everything I can with some CRC electrical cleaner or just let it run as long as it can? Thanks for your help on giving me an idea what to look for!