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Repair for almost-but-not-stolen catalytic?

Yes, you can, and no, I wouldn’t. This would be a source of exhaust gases that might get into your passenger cabin. It might not leak after you clamp to material, but it could eventually, and you don’t have any idea when the leak might start. How often will you go under the car and check? Do it right and weld it.


The exhaust leak will be loud enough from the beginning to be obvious, there will be no need to look under the vehicle. A pin hole in that location will make noise.

Yeah curious why this would require a new cat.

Just a comment though. Years ago when I needed a pipe for my Olds, I bought it at an Olds dealer. At some point later I needed another pipe that I got after-market. The after-market was considerably thinner steel than the OEM version. Back in the good old days when exhaust systems wore out.

Hi. Do you know where can I fix this problem in Denmark? Thank you!

Describe it more - if the problem is the same, then the answer is the same, take it to a shop and have it welded up.

Leon, I’d try a muffler shop. I assume they have those in Denmark.

Mine’s at the muffler guy now. A quick look underneath and he said, yes, they actually did start cutting the cat (must be driver side but I didn’t see it) but didn’t get into the substrate so it can all be welded back up and should last as long as as the car. He’s going to add some “security bars” which might help prevent another attempt but admits it’s not as good as the cat locks that are available for other car models.

Why would you not eliminate the middleman, and simply take it to the muffler shop yourself?
For exhaust system work–especially on a 19 year old vehicle–there no reason whatsoever to go to a dealership.

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Agreed. After 20 years and 3 cars you’d think I’d have learned something by now. I assumed muffler shops were for mufflers. There’s no catalytic converter shop section in the yellow pages.

LOL. You won’t find a spark plug replacement shop in the yellow pages either. In fact you won’t even find yellow pages hardly anymore.


Don’t you have Google or something like that in Denmark ?

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Years ago I worked for Southwestern Bell Yellow Pages until I and some 300-400 others at the time were laid off as one round in a series of downsizing. SWBYP didn’t last many years afterwards.

Most, if not all, the Yellow Pages by the AT&T / Bell system legacy companies sold off their directory divisions to third party publication entities years ago who didn’t last long. The internet killed hard print directories very quickly.

Yup, I used to work for RR Donnelley. We had 3 (technically 4, but the 4th plant was fulfillment) plants in Lancaster PA, but I think only 2 of them plus the fulfillment plant are still in operation. The plant that closed (not my plant, I was sent out there to help when we were slow) was one of the plants that printed and bound the phone books. The last time I worked that plant (either 2009 or 10), I think the only phone books/yellow pages we were still making were going overseas to countries in the Caribbean.

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Well after rescuing it from the totally unnecessary $95 overnight stay at Honda, 3 hours and $350 later Pele’s Muffler had it repaired and housed in a cat guard.

check if this “cat guard” will not become “turn any object laying on the road into a ram to pierce the car bottom” device

from the looks, if it catches any piece of wood or such it will not be pretty

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350.00 for muffler repair and Cat guard on a 2002 260KM Honda CRV ! Good Grief .

considering original dealer estimate of $2500, that $350 is a bargain :slight_smile:


It looks like they hand crafted the guard out of stainless steel so it won’t rust and is harder to cut with a Sawzall.

Plus the racket it would make attempting to do so.

You gotta a hell of a deal considering the cost to purchase one.



I agree. What a good deal. (At least I hope that’s what you were trying to say.) It looks very well made, and will hopefully deter any future theft attempts.

How hot do the cat and resonator tube get? Now I’m imagining someone hiding “plants” in there next time I cross the border from Mexico, a la Cheech-n-Chong.

Well hot enough to start a fire. Gee it was 1974 when I came through there with my new Olds. Even back then they took a pretty good look see. I remember them pulling the ash trays out of the door panels to check for anything inside. Now I suppose they would tear the seats apart.