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2006 Honda Accord Cpe - Leaky Cat

I have a leak in the flange of my catalytic converter. It’s causing my car to be a little loud when starting and my car also drinks more gas because of this. It’ll be too much work and too costly to repair it, so I was looking for a temporary solution. Would I be able to put an epoxy such as QuikSteel or any sort of putty around the flange to seal it up? I drive a lot and while my car, a v4, should be good on gas I fill it way too often. Any advice will be appreciated.


You should fix it as any V4 car is rare and probably valuable.


That’s an inexpensive solution and you should try it. Back pressure in the exhaust system might blow the seal off. Still try it, but don’t be surprised if the seal blows off. Also, is there enough real metal left to clamp the flanges closed? Still use the epoxy, but put a clamp in it too. I’m not sure what clamp to use, but there must be something you can use that won’t fall off.

Whatever sealant you try to use won’t work.

The cat gets so hot that it’ll burn off.

It needs to be welded,



Go to an independent muffler shop and see if they can weld it, or otherwise fix it on the cheap, as @Tester suggested.

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Agreed on trying a muffler shop.

Also don’t forgot: that “extra noise” you mentioned is exhaust leaking out into places it shouldn’t be leaking. Exhaust is poisonous, hence why it should always leave the back of the car.