Large circular metal piece hanging under my car

A picture is attached. Is this something I can just push back up and in, tear off, or does it need to be professionally looked at?

Thank you for any assistance!

That’s the heat shield for the catalytic converter. It needs to be re-attached to prevent your car from melting/burning (well, sort of). Take it to a trusted mechanic and ask him to re-attach it using large hose clamps.

If it’s already dragging on the ground, crawl underneath and use a piece of coat hanger to wire it up temporarily to the exhaust so you can drive the car to the shop without it dragging/falling off.

I enlarged the photo a few hundred percent and it looks like the heat shield… with the cat converter still inside of it! In short, it looks like the pipe(s) to/from the cat converter have rotted away and the converter fallen down.

If I knew the year. model, and engine of your Honda I could compare the photo with an image of a new one and be more certain… but, alas, you didn’t. So I can only guess.

Since the exhaust pipe is rusted through, you should expect to replace the exhaust pipes and catalytic converter. The muffler doesn’t cost much compared to the converter, and you should probably replace it too. Everything after the exhaust manifold. I assume that your car is at least 10 years old; probably 15 or more. On an older car, this is maintenance, not repairs.

Definitely part of the exhaust system has failed. You need a shop to put the car up on the rack to assess what all needs to be done. This is a routine repair – although if the cat is involved it can be expensive – but you don’t need to use a dealership shop. A good inde shop will fix this in short order.

Nice picture. I’ll bet it’s loud too. It has to be fixed SOON. Don’t try to wire it up yourself unless it has completely cooled off. Hit an independent muffler shop if there is one in your area. If not, any independent shop can fix it with aftermarket parts. An indy muffler shop can usually bend exhaust pipe to fit cheaper. Stay away from chain stores like Midas or Meineke.

Yeah, if thats the cat too it would be plenty loud. Mine broke off once and it was like being at the races. No way would you drive far without a cat.