2001 Honda CRV

I have a 2001 Honda CRV, 4WD, LX or LXE or something like that, I’m not sure. Anyways, the connection between the catalytic converter and the pipe going to the exhaust has broken. The pipe is hanging on by like half. I’m assuming it had rusted and thus made the joint weak and it has broken. Is there any inexpensive way to fix it? I got a quote to fix that entire line include the catalytic converter for $600-$700. Or is it time for a new car? Please help?

Try getting a few different opinions from different shops. Most likely the flange(s) is/are rusted and the pipe and/or cat will have to be replaced.

Those are good reliable vehicles that can easily go 200k+ miles if well maintained. Fix it, don’t sell it. Change the transmission fluid and differential fluid regularly and have the valve clearances adjusted and you’ll get many more miles out of it.

Try to find a welding shop and ask for a repair estimate there. You can talk to local mechanics to find a welder. It does not have to be an automotive welder.

The components will have to be replaced.

You can’t weld on rust.


I’ve never done this type of exhaust work myself. When it happened on my Ford truck, I had an exhaust repair specialist fix it. But I think there are some DIY options available in some cases. It depends on what’s damaged and what isn’t. Maybe visit you local auto parts store during a time when they aren’t too busy. A staff member might be willing to come out and take a look, then show you what kind of pipes/clamps/sealant he has available that could effect a repair.

I was doing some research and found out that I have to replace the entire line beginning from the flange(connection between catalytic converter and resonater pipe) till the exhaust. I found parts online for about $230. Would I be able to do this myself assuming that I can remove the rusted old flange from the converter? And how can I remove the rusted flange? power tools?

No,it’s way easier to let a goodhearted shop do it for you.This site has some suggestions in the way of “Mechanics Files.” It may seem easy enough and logical to save some money, but you’re gonna cause yourself some real heartpangs if you try to do this job.Exhausts are a pain.Unless you are welding everything, the exhaust is exposed to all elements and vibration from the engine.(stuff comes loose)Let somebody w/a lift work on it, it’ll be so much easier and guaranteed at that.