Repair and maintenance

2000 chevy 350. i can not get over 40mph on a incline. seems like gas pedal has a dead spot. only goes faster about the first inch of depress the pedal after that it seems to die out, let up just a bit and it gives a bit more power. it will go faster on flat but same thing with gas pedal. its not a gas pedal promblem

This sounds like a a clogged fuel injector.
I think it is well worth the money to have the injectors cleaned and tested given the symptoms you mention (also the symptoms you don’t mention, which would indicate other problems). Start from there, it is inexpensive and beneficial even if there is something else going on.

The problem might be with a faulty Throttle Position Sensor.

The TPS is a primary input into the computer. And if it should fail, the computer see’s the signal as being valid and doesn’t turn on the Check Engine light. But you get no performance from the engine after a certain point of stepping on the throttle.

Have the TPS tested for proper performance.


Whatever you do, don’t go tearing your fuel injectors out of there just yet. There are plenty of simpler things you need to do first. Checking the TPS is one of them. Checking the fuel pressure is another. How old are those plugs & wires? Filters? Any check engine light?

Don’t forget this thing has an air flow meter. If the intake boot has a hole in it then the a/f meter Can’t accurately tell the pcm your load demand. Or if the boot isn’t installed properly.

Thanks, the service engine light does go on and off. 2 years ago it did same thing, my mech. said fuel pump and seemed to fix it. started acting up again, same thing. he replaced the fuel pump again at no charge. It didn’t make a difference, before i could do anything else to it the battery went bad, replaced the battery and the trouble went away. Then when it came to this fall (cooler weather) it acted up. What do you think. thanks