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Problem with 2001 Chrsyler LHS not starting without pumping gas pedal

I have owned this car since she was brand new off the lot in September of 2000. 98% of the time I have had to pump the gas pedal to get her to turn over. When she was under warranty I kept bringing her into the dealership and they kept telling me they couldn’t duplicate the problem. Finally a few months ago I had to have my head gasket replaced…basically a top end rebuild. I still have the problem. Any ideas on what this could be? We were maybe thinking faulty fuel injection system but it should have died by now I would think after 11 years.

When you say “pumping” do you mean holding down the accelerator pedal? Pumping will do nothing for a fuel injected vehicle. If you have to hold down the pedal then it’s a leaking injector or other component in your fuel injection system. Bad injector(s) can leak for years without ever causing the fuel injection system to die. I would have the fuel injection system checked by a good independent mechanic.

Yes I mean pressing down on the accelerator pedal and then releasing then turning the key. Thank you for your help on this.