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I have a 1999 Acura Integra that my 18 year old son is using but he doesn’t really know how to take care of the car yet, so, you can imagine where I’m going with my question. Just before New Year’s eve he said he was coming home from the mall and stopped at a Chevron gas station and filled up. On his way home (about 1.5 miles) he said the car started sputtering and the check engine light came on and started blinking. And so he told me what happened and I started checking, (1) very low on oil, (2) below minimum on brake fluid, and (3) below minimum on coolant. So I brought everything back to the level, checked and see if the gas cap was loose, it was not, but, I put a new one on it anyway to eliminate the doubt. Checked the spark plugs, not bad. Before I started changing parts I went to Autozone and had them hook up their gizzmo and printed me those codes, P0300, P0301, P0302, P0303, P0304, P0700, and P1399, which I thought it basically points out to replacing my spark plugs, wires, rotor, and distributor cap. Needless to say I did not solve my problem after replacing them. I was reading the Haynes Manual and it points to a bad EGR Valve but I don’t know where that thing is located at or would it even help me fix the problem once I find it? Can you guys please help me and let me know the best solution or suggestion to my problem

I think he put the wrong grade of fuel in. Depending on how much was in the tank, adding E85 or diesel would do things like this, and 1.5 miles is enough for that bad gas to start mucking things up. Also, clogged up fuel injectors or a fuel filter could cause lean misfires in these cylinder, too.

BTW, the P0300 to P0304 and P1399 codes all point to misfires detected. P0700 is a transmission fault code, but the multitude of misfires could be causing that one, too.

Wouldn’t a diesel pump have too large a nozzle to fit in his tank ? I don’t know about E85 because we don’t have any stations here that have it . If you drove the car to Autozone and ran it so they could scan it it doesnt have a tank full of diesel. It could have water in the tank from a load of bad gas from the tanker or a station that never draws the water off their tanks.

if you join or you can pull up schematics of where components are located and even get instructions on how to replace and test the parts…

and it is free.

Ask your kid if he put 87 octane gasoline into the gas tank. The Acura requires high octane, doesn’t it?
This Honda-tech Web site has some ideas:
Erase the codes, drive the car just enough for the check engine light to come on, and read the code(s) right away. If a cylinder doesn’t show misfire, swap a coil to that position, erase the code(s), and try again. If THAT cylinder doesn’t show a misfire, THAT ignition coil is OK.
MAP Sensor output should be such and such. Also mentioned (at the site) was the possibility of valve lash being too tight (clearance). Valve lash should be checked/adjusted every so many miles.