Acura losing power

I bought an Acura Integra '95 a year and a half ago, the car was in bad shape and needed a lot of work. I have put in over $2,000 dollars of work replacing a lot of parts. It is a great little car but I have one problem I have not been able to resolve in all that time and now it has gotten worse. I would be driving down the highway for awhile and for no apparent reason the car would start to buck or hesitate. At first it was mild but then it got worse and I would lose power going from 60 to 50 while still accelerating. If I stopped the car and let it rest for 5 minutes, it would start up and run fine. Then several days later it would do it again. In the beginning this would only happen randomly on the highway in 5th gear. Now it happens when shifting from 2nd to 3rd. It happens much more frequently and on the highway I’ll be driving along and the car will just bounce between 70 and 50 miles an hour. It just looses power. I down shift and accelerate drive for a little while then it happens again. The car never stalls. I have tried just about everything.

What parts, generally speaking, were replaced? I’ve got a '95 GSR that I use for a daily driver and it had a similar problem show up once. Found it to be a bad spark plug wire. It was arcing over inside the tube. They’ve also been known to leak oil inside the plug tube if the valve cover gasket is old or not torqued. That also will cause erratic misfiring of a plug. Good luck.

Other things to think about would be exhaust system blockage and fuel system - replace filter/check pressure.